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The player will go through a room from a spawn point to a goal, each time it is exceeded (reach the goal without dying) the room will have to be repeated but with new difficulties (obstacles, which kill the player redirecting him to the point of occurrence) up to a ilimited number of times. After reaching this limit and completing it, the world would be considered exceeded, accessing the next one.


Our protagonist is a teenager who has not slept for a long time, when, on another of those long nights, surrendered to the darkness, he turns on the coffee pot to prepare a coffee. As he goes to have the first cup, he sees a large beam of light that leaves you groggy. When he regains consciousness, he sees himself falling in total darkness for a few seconds until ending in a kind of surface. He would be in an unknown place, where he could not identify anything but a doors, each one redirects him to a different world which he will have to overcome to regain his life.

How to play

  • Press O to move left
  • Press P to move right
  • Press to jump


  • Developed by : DreamyZombies Studio
  • Authors:
    • Abderrahamane Guermat Benaouali (agb139@alu.ua.es)
    • Jorge Angulo Espí (jae17@alu.ua.es)
    • Sami Hadj-Djilani (sh101@alu.ua.es)


  • Music:
    • Jorge Angulo Espí (jae17@alu.ua.es)

How to run on Amstrad CPC 464

  • Insert the cassette into the console
  • Write:  run "
  • Press Enter
  • Press Play
  • Press any key

Software used

  • CPCtelera
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Tiled
  • Piskel
  • Gimp
  • Arkos Tracker
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loopw.cdt 33 kB
loopw.sna 64 kB
loopw.dsk 199 kB
Source Code 381 kB
User Manual 447 kB

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